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Known as the “Botanical Arts City,” St. Albert has become one of the easiest places to call home in Canada, and its small community charm continues to be its most endearing trait to potential new residents. This easygoing way of business also lends itself to a St. Albert utilities system and municipal government flexible enough to meet the needs of their many clients and constituents. For those considering a move to the St. Albert real estate, I therefore encourage you to learn as much as you can about what the local St. Albert government can do for you.

Rethinking City Hall

The city of St. Albert is run by a collection of individuals who have a genuine passion for the comforts and available opportunities in the area. Known as the City Council, these individuals work to meet the varied needs of their constituents, whether this means investing in more trails and parks or enriching the local arts and culture scene. The emphasis is on building the most dynamic communities possible while carefully maintaining green development practices.

Advocacy is one of the cornerstones of St. Albert government. The City Council in particular is always assessing the needs of the community and putting advocacy plans in place to address these needs, which often fall under the umbrella of economic and recreational growth. Anyone wishing to voice an opinion on a specific matter or grievance is also welcome to share their views in front of the City Council.

Local Area Tax Rates

The City Council also helps to oversee a number of different assessable property tax rates, many of which you should be aware of if considering a move to the St. Albert area. The total residential tax rate in mills is 10.0, while the total vacant residential tax rate jumps to 11.8. Non-residential tax rates are steeper still at 14.1, though the annexation area tax rates vary depending on the specific municipal portion. For example, residential comes in at only 3.8, but machinery and equipment can climb to 10.6.

These figures certainly may seem a bit confusing from the outset, so if you have any specific questions regarding the applicable local taxes for which you could be responsible, get in touch with me directly.

Who Provides the Utilities?

St. Albert Public Works manages utilities in the city, including water management systems, sewage collection and storm systems, while at the same time handling the collection and proper disposal of recyclables, refuse and compost. Additionally, if you are interested in having property lines marked by a local utilities technician, Public Works can handle the task as well.

Public Works is also not praised enough for their commitment to building and maintaining green spaces and parks throughout the community. This includes keeping the roadways clear and other public facilities spotless. Further responsibilities include pest control, weed control, grass cutting and even asset management.

Finding Emergency Services

St. Albert offers a division of public Protective Services that includes Municipal Enforcement, the Canadian Mounted Police and emergency response services for medical help and fires. The specific duties that these agencies perform will naturally vary depending on the service, but most of the responsibilities are fairly intuitive: protect the people.

Protective Services is also very invested in giving back to the community when possible. In addition to the work they do saving lives, Protective Services has also developed an Emergency Preparedness Guide that clearly outlines the many help options you have, depending on the situation. Many residents (myself included) have used these guides, which are distributed throughout the area, to better prepare for the worst through emergency planning.

If you ever feel like discussing certain elements of the guide with a representative of Protective Services, you can easily choose to do so by calling their main office.

How St. Albert Protects the Environment

I can personally attest that St. Albert residents are among the most civic minded you will find. With numerous volunteer opportunities in the area, there is no shortage of activities you could take up if interested in giving back yourself. This attitude has worked its way into our municipal government, and the city is always looking for ways to keep an eye out for the environment.

For the most part, this means carefully manicuring and maintaining the countless parks and nature trails, both within and without the city limits. Public Works puts forth the extra effort to safely dispose of recyclables and non-recyclables, as well. From individual to individual, the willing decision to look after the community together is what bonds fellow residents.

Perhaps the biggest contribution of the city to environmental management, however, is the Environmental Master Plan (EMP). A long term approach to improving local environmental pressures, the EMP is based around nine very specific goals that cover everything from managing air quality to energy efficiency in public systems.

Explore Online City e-Services

What I feel is most underrated about St. Albert is its variety of e-Services that makes the lives of area residents that much more manageable. Basically online city services, e-Services can help you oversee many different municipal tasks, though property tax assessments, municipal parking tickets, and program registrations tend to attract the most users. Otherwise, interested parties may choose to check the availability of public facilities, handle their utility payments through e-Billing, or renew multiple licenses, including for businesses and dogs. The e-Services are meant to streamline the process as much as possible, and many residents have welcomed the change.

Learn More about the St. Albert Area

In order to really get a feel for the St. Albert area, you need to spend some time discussing your living options with a qualified professional. Only then will you get the straightforward access to neighbourhoods and information any new home buyer deserves to know.

I therefore encourage anyone who is seriously considering St. Albert to get in touch with me right away. I know the area inside and out, and after getting a feel for your needs, I know I can find the perfect place for you.

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