Jensen Lakes Waterfront Homes for Sale in St. Albert

One of the most ambitious and exciting real estate projects in St. Albert in years has finally opened its doors. Jensen Lakes is a luxury master-planned community focused on beachside living and gorgeous greenery-infused community designs. Seven respected builders in total are attached to the project, and a selection of show homes are already open. Reserve your home or custom home lot now to be a part of this incredible, laid back community rich with amenities.

Read below to learn more about what Jensen Lakes has to offer.

Boast About One of the Only Beach Houses in Edmonton

Jensen Lakes’ most unique feature is its resort-style, man-made lake. A large, sand-filled beachside area called Jubilation Beach promises relaxing sunbathing along with all of the activities you can imagine doing in paradise. Build sandcastles with your family, have a relaxing picnic by the shore or just lie back and soak up the rays.

A dock nearby allows you to go on aquatic adventures. Enjoy canoeing, paddle boarding, kayaking or just making a giant cannonball splash after running off the dock. Other activities like volleyball, bonfire pits and outdoor music could be implemented in the future. Also, they have plans to stock the lake and give angling enthusiasts a fishing hole right outside their door. Some estate homes will even be built in the middle of the lake with enviable surrounding views all about them.

Beach Club Neighborhood Centre

The Jensen Lakes Beach Club aims to be the hub of the development. This multi-functional gathering place will provide an outdoor deck and indoor event spaces as well as showers and a changing room. The developers are currently evaluating plans to implement a restaurant or canteen on-site.

Parks Galore

In addition to its massive lake and beachfront, Jensen Lakes promises residents plenty of other outdoor recreational opportunities. In total, they intend to create 40 acres of park space and open green spaces throughout the community.

Playgrounds will be provided throughout for both small and primary-school aged children, including one right next to the Beach Club. Soccer pitches and other open fields will also be created, allowing for impromptu pickup games between sport enthusiasts of all ages. All the areas will be connected by 5 km of landscaped pathways and boardwalks. Additionally, Jensen Park aims to expand its aquatic beauty by adding several naturalized ponds throughout the development.

A Home for Every Lifestyle

Jensen Lakes aims to provide housing options for a variety of living situations. The majority of homes will be designed as “estate homes” with verdant lots and classical multi-storey architecture. These homes provide the perfect setting for an idyllic life of raising a family or living out your days in relaxation.

Medium and high density parcels will provide housing options for those who want a more cosmopolitan vibe. Townhomes and condos will be available with all of the luxurious amenities you would come to expect from a single-family home albeit in a more condensed package.

Timeless Architecture

All of Jensen Lake’s top quality builders will be required to adhere to strict landscaping and architectural guidelines. All homes have been designed for a consistent visual style throughout the neighborhood, although there will be enough variety to keep every street looking fresh.
Available home styles include:

  • Craftsman — Classic North American buildmanship that harkens back to homes built in the 1920s-30s. Heavy hardwood design cues and a rustic look all create a stalwart image of comfort and reliability.
  • Modern Beach — These homes emulate the breezy style of homes seen along the Californian coast. Clean, simple lines and emphasized verticality all create a modern look that implies forward-thinking good taste.
  • Prairie — Taking influence from the simple homes that used to be seen all throughout Canada’s frontier, these homes aim to provide expansive window views and easy accessibility. Gently sloping roofs and low proportions provide a timeless look that will never go out of style.

All of these homes and public areas surrounding them will use top-quality landscaping designs that add a sense of pastoral beauty to the community.

Quality Schools

Pending local government and school board approval, two schools will be built inside the Jensen Lakes community. One will be a Catholic K-9 school and the other a Public K-9 institution. No information is available yet on the public school, but plans for the Catholic school provide for 400 students and a tentative January 2018 opening date.

Buzzworthy Shopping and Dining

Live the cosmopolitan lifestyle by walking to your favorite neighborhood boutique, cafe or restaurant. Jensen Lakes master plans include commercial space for rent. Leasing approval will lean towards community-focused businesses that residents can get the most out of. Just imagine strolling to a cafe after a brisk morning dip in the lake.

Convenient Location in St. Albert

St. Albert is a beautiful, picturesque city perched on the outskirts of Edmonton. Anyone who lives in the Edmonton area can enjoy a relatively quick commute. St Albert transit also provides an efficient, environmentally responsible commuting option or mobility prospect for those who cannot drive.

A Community That Cares

All residents of Jensen Lake will be members of the Homeowners Association (HOA), which will help preserve the character and integrity of both public spaces and the properties themselves.

Homes for Sale in St. Albert

If you are interested in living at Jensen Lakes or any of the other esteemed communities near St. Albert, do not hesitate to contact me. As a community local and real estate expert, I will go above and beyond to make sure that your most important housing needs are met. Contact me today to find St. Albert real estate that’s right for you.

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