Creating the Perfect Home Library

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If you’re a bookworm, you may have always dreamt of having your very own in-house library. Well, why not make that dream a reality? Making a home library part of your St. Albert real estate is something you and other future owners can enjoy for years to come.

For advice on how make a small library in your home, check out the tips below. Let’s go over everything you need to know to get started on your dream room.

Deciding on the Perfect Room

You may already have a room or two in mind for your new home library. But before you start moving in your books and big comfy chairs, there are a few considerations you should review.

For example, creating a home library in your basement or attic is probably not the best idea. These areas are prone to high humidity levels, which can end up damaging your precious collection. Also, while you may be inclined to create a library in a room with lots of natural light, too much sunlight can actually hurt your books as well.

Utilizing dehumidifiers or thick drapes can help with these specific issues, but it’s important to consider where your library will be situated and how that might affect the books inside it.

Organizing Your Books

Before your start building shelves and other spaces for your library, you’ll want to have an estimate of just how many books you have. If you’re collection is pretty large, then floor-to-ceiling bookcases might be a perfect way to store everything. You can also create modern, open shelving for smaller collections. Just think about how you want your books to be displayed before you start building.

Security and Support

If you decide to go with large bookshelves, you’ll want to ensure that they are securely attached to the wall behind them. As you know, books are heavy. When they’re stored on shelves, it’s important to reduce any risk of the structure collapsing or toppling over. A professional can help secure them so you don’t have to worry.

Additionally, it’s essential to consider just how heavy a library will be on your floors. First-floor libraries can help reduce unnecessary strain on your floors. If the perfect room is on the second story, you can contact a professional to make sure the floors can safely support the weight of your books and furniture.

Colour Schemes and Lighting

One of the most fun aspects of creating an in-home library is deciding on your colour scheme and lighting. Your mind may go to the dark, rich tones that you’re used to seeing in old libraries. Or you may imagine something more light and airy. Either way, you should choose colours that will allow you to fully enjoy the space and relax with a book.

Along the same lines, the right lighting is key. A variety of options like table lamps, overhead lights and shelf lighting can combine to create a perfectly lit space that’s great for reading, board games and more.

Invest in St. Albert Real Estate

If you’re searching for a new home where you can make all of your dream rooms a reality, St. Albert is the perfect place to plant your roots. I would love to work with you to help you find your ideal home with plenty of space for a library. Contact me to begin your search today!

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