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Hello! I’m Carl and I’m glad you’re here

I have a lot to tell you about St. Albert. The people, the lifestyle, the real estate, the opportunities and why it’s such a great place to live. Probably everything you need to know about living in St. Albert. I’m not bragging. I just love it here – and you will too!

I’m very involved with St Albert and I actively participate in its many public functions and private events. I’ve been a real estate agent for about 25 years now and I’ve found that’s the best way to keep my thumb on the pulse of this fine city. But believe me, I’d do it anyway because I’m pretty outgoing by nature. There’s a great energy here that really charges you and makes you feel alive. There’s just so much to see and do and engage in St. Albert. All of it fun and rewarding.

What makes St. Albert so great?

There’s a long list of reasons people move to St. Albert and stay, but let’s start with the size. With a population of around 64,000, St. Albert is a self-reliant city that has everything you need to put down roots, buy a house and raise a family. It’s just the right size to retain a cozy small-town charm but big enough to support all your needs without ever leaving town.

It’s located just north of Edmonton, Alberta’s capitol. On the map you’ll notice that’s the “scenic side” of Edmonton and boy does St. Albert know scenery. It’s known as The Botanical Arts City for good reason. We’re talking more than 1,000 acres of public green space connected by some 85 kms of walking/cycling paths.

How long has it been so great?

St. Albert is about 150 years old which gives it a rich heritage of pioneering spirit and a culture of can-do. You can see this is a point of pride for us everywhere you turn. Beautiful art and architecture abounds in St. Albert, starting with the visually stunning, hugely popular St. Albert Place.

This community complex was designed by world-renowned Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal and looks like art sculpted by giants. It’s the “people place” that houses the St. Albert Public Library, the Musée Héritage Museum, The Visual Arts Studio and Arden Theatre, and City Hall.

Speaking of architectural wonders, there’s also the St. Albert Parish church, an awe-inspiring structure both physically and spiritually which happens to sit right next the 150-year-old chapel built when St. Albert was first founded. Yes, it’s still standing. Small, white, pristine and protected. Amazing!

I could go on about the structural delights of St. Albert – often a combination of murals on distinguished buildings – but it’s really best if you just visit and see for yourself.

If you visit during one of many St. Albert’s festivals or heritage events, you’ll be sure to get the full measure and a lot of entertainment as well!

St. Albert celebrates… a lot!

Speaking of festivals, St. Albert is big on them. We’re talking serious civic pride and celebration of its heritage, its youth, its art and artists and its culture of health and vitality. This includes one of the longest-running children’s festivals on the continent, the 5-day-long Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival.

There’s also the Kinsmen Rainmaker Rodeo, which includes the annual parade, the rodeo (naturally), a midway and a ton of musical entertainment with as many big name artists as remarkable fresh talent from around the world.

And there’s St. Albert’s Rock’n August, which is a week-long combo celebration of old school Rock ‘n’ Roll and the classic cars and Hotrods it inspired.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Alberta town without a top-notch Outdoor Farmers’ Market and couldn’t properly celebrate its multiculturalism very well without the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival, the Mambos & Mocktails jazz concert and the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Festival so St. Albert has those too. And more!

Health, Fitness and Sports

With all the walking trails, outdoor sports fields, playgrounds, sport facilities and venues plus a number of sports organizations, events and programs, it’s pretty obvious that St. Albert is big on healthy and active lifestyles.

It should go without saying that St. Albert has a thing for hockey, but I’ll say it anyway. A love of hockey is a Canadian thing, an Alberta thing for sure and a St. Albert thing most definitely.

Wellness Within in St Albert
Wellness Within

St. Albert has twice been home to an Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL) franchise that produced the likes of Mark Messier, Paul and Mike Comrie, Dion Phaneuf, René Bourque, and Fernando Pisani. Residents like to brag about their NHL stars from time to time. Pardon their pride.

Speaking of which, an NHL player named Jarome Iginla grew up in St. Albert. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? He played his entire minor hockey career in the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association. So yes, St. Albert knows hockey and if you or your kids have any sort of NHL aspirations, they have some benchmarks for you!

How about your kids’ education?

St. Albert has excellent schools, including 30 elementary schools, 7 middle schools and 8 high schools within a public school district and Catholic school division along with 2 Francophone schools. There are a great many public and private pre-schools, nursey schools and daycare options as well. St. Albert schools consistently rank in the top 100 if not top 40.

As for post-secondary opportunities, St. Albert is a short commute to several respected universities, including the University of Alberta itself, NAIT (North Alberta Institute of Technology) and the highly-regarded MacEwen University which was recently singled out by the Globe and Mail for its exceptional teaching style, quality of teaching and class sizes.

Getting around and commuting

Because St. Albert is a “Goldilocks” size – not too big, not to small – getting around is pretty effortless. On top of accommodating cycling and walking a lot, you won’t really find any traffic jams in St. Albert. There are “rush hours” but they’re better described as “need an extra 5 minutes or so.”

And where would you go? Well, there’s a thriving business district, great eats and fine dining, lots of entertainment choices, clubs, movies, live theatre and more shopping in stores, supermarkets, boutiques, malls, big box and specialty shops than you’ll know what to do with. Decisions, decisions!

Perron street in St Albert
Perron Street

Better still, St. Albert has a great public transit system with a couple dozen bus routes that’ll get you where you want to go in the environmentally and economically friendly way of transit. The city is peppered with Park ‘n Ride lots to encourage you and there’s also a Handibus service if you need it.

If you need to get to Edmonton regularly for work or school and then dial back the bustle by coming home to St. Albert, St. Albert Transit also has several dedicated express/commuter runs to various destinations in Edmonton, including downtown, the universities or the Royal Alex Hospital.

If you’re just visiting, be sure to check out Botanical Loop as it traces a transit route to three key botanically-themed attractions across the city and back – the Enjoy Centre, the St. Albert Farmers’ Market and the St. Albert Botanic Park.

Need a second opinion about St. Albert?

Okay, so my passion for St. Albert is pretty obvious and I admit I might be biased. But you don’t have to just take my word for it. Just this year, Moneysense ranked St. Albert as the #1 city in Alberta – and fourth in all of Canada! Again! By the magazine’s national standard, St. Albert ticked all the right boxes.

• Affordable real estate, check.
• Access to health care, check.
• Low crime, check.
• Strong Sports & Arts Community, you know it!
• And high incomes? Gold Star – top 10 in all of Canada!

Speaking of nationwide rankings, St. Albert is also distinguished as the #4 Best Place to raise kids and the 9th best place for new Canadians – across all of Canada!

Of course I think St. Albert is #1 in all the best categories, but maybe that’s just me.

Real Estate in St. Albert

All the neighbourhoods in St. Albert are “good neighbourhoods” and all of the communities are “popular communities.” Considering St. Albert’s high marks, top rankings, and overall positive energy I mentioned earlier, people are happy living here and pride-of-ownership abounds.

As a result, St. Albert’s housing market has always been pretty stable. Sure, it fluctuates with the economy but being such a desirable place to live and self-sufficient like it is, St. Albert is a persistently solid place to invest in a home – not to mention a business or career path.

North Ridge place in St Albert
North Ridge place

I’ve found the best way to excel as a real estate agent in St. Albert is to simply listen to the buyers and sellers that hire me. I’m “fun to know” and I’ve had so many great conversations with so many people that I’ve really come to understand each person’s expectations. I want to find you the perfect place, your ideal home and I know how to listen to what you’re saying when you try to define such an elusive thing.

From there, finding you the right home in St. Albert is then a matter of knowing the neighbourhoods, the proximity to this great school or that great business niche, that sort of thing.

About me, Carl, your real estate agent or friendly advisor – or both!

On top of making some life-long friends through real estate, I have won a few awards along the way if you don’t mind me saying. Things like the RE/MAX 100% Club Award and the RE/MAX Platinum award. And I’m in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. I’m very proud of those awards not just because they show that I know what I’m doing in real estate but because they represent many, many happy home owners.

It helps that I’ve been at this for a long time. Real Estate blends well with my disposition. I’m happy when you’re happy. It’s a very fulfilling career, both personally and professionally.

It’s the same reason you’ll often find me flipping burgers or manning an information booth at any given St. Albert event or festival. Or taking that Botanical Loop transit tour I mentioned, just to stay connected with St. Albert.

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